The Chancel

I am married with children living in 3 continents so working in London, Perth WA, or Washington DC would work very well for me!

I belong to two book clubs which encourages me to read more widely than I would otherwise. With a long commute to work each day I have plenty of reading time.

I am a TART (Theatre And Restaurant Treat Society) and often spend evenings and weekends with the other 8 ladies doing what it says. As a consequence I am a member of the local gym paying for my sins.

My husband is in IT (www.rickcc.com) so I get 24/7 IT support.

We spend a lot of time in Dorset (The Chancel) walking the coastal path and others which has led to Alpine walking in Switzerland, France, and Italy.

I enjoy travelling from tsunami relief work in Thailand, sailing in Vietnam to skiing in Whistler.