Below are various publications of mine - all quite old and probably too boring for words.  But I did them all.


I have not included all the training courses that I have authored.  Also I wrote a several hundred page manual for Javelin and developed a text processor to format all the complex layout and diagrams.



I have written a fantasy novel and writing a second. I write a blog on...stuff. I am writing an online software developers weapon kit that is still growing. You can see them all at Other Stuff

For a programmer and designer I spend a lot of time writing English.

PhD Thesis

The numerical determination of eigenvalues and eigenvectors of large order sparse matrices

This is concerned with identifying non-zero elements in very large matrices and processing them without storing all the data. This is concerned with data compression and error control. Storing only the 3,000 non-zero elements of a 1,000 by 1,000 tri-diagonal matrix with 1,000,000 elements solves a storage problem but introduces a processing problem. My thesis develops methods that aid this process.

Published papers


       1.  An Improved Bisection Algorithm

           C.C. Rick &  D.J. Evans

           Information Processing Letters Vol. 8, No. 2 Feb 1979.


       2.  A Modified Bisection Algorithm for the determination of

           the Eigenvalues of a Symmetric Tridiagonal Matrix

           D.J. Evans, J. Shaneci, C.C. Rick

           Numerische Mathematik Vol. 38, 1982.


       3.  The Numerical Calculation of the Eigenvalues and

           Eigenvectors of a Sparse Quindiagonal Matrix

           D.J. Evans & C.C. Rick.

 International Journal of Computer Mathematics, Volume 7, Issue 2

 1979 , pages 141 - 156



Internal Reports


       1.  A Parallel Root Free Choleski Algorithm for the Solution

           of Symmetric Positive Definite Linear Systems of Banded


           D.J. Evans &  C.C. Rick

           Loughborough University of Technology Computer Studies

           Report 69


       2.  The Determination of the Eigenvalues of Large Sparse

           Symmetric Matrices

           D.J. Evans & C.C. Rick

           Loughborough University of Technology Computer Studies

           Report 77


       3.  On Solving Banded Linear Systems by Recursive Partitioning


           D.J. Evans, S.O. Okolie, C.C. Rick





       1.  Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

           Keynote article - Computing 11th December 1988