Dr Chris Rick MBCS, CITP, OCP

10 Woodland Way, Shirley, Croydon, CR0 7UB 
Tel:07973 209 342 and 020 8777 8073
e-mail: chris@rickcc.com

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Designer and developer with 28+ years of experience in an Oracle environment using SQL, PL/SQL,t-SQL, Perl, Oracle forms and various OS command languages and shells, always with design responsibility and then actually implementing.  Full life cycle in all developments.  Lengthy time with SQL Server and T-SQL with much conversion between that and Oracle.
Oracle development and production DBA for 12 years creating and running 30+ large databases and many development databases most recently for litigation support and direct mail with, much experience and expertise in tuning.

Tuning and Optimisation over whole career tuned and optimised many large systems for huge performance gains.  Includes two years almost exclusively tuning Oracle systems.
Creator and deliverer of DBA and developer training: many short courses and a full week DBA course.
Team leader and manager of many teams always with successful delivery
Applications:  ETL, Ab Initio, Publishing, data warehouses for Direct Marketing, text retrieval, Marketing support, BI, AI, Media, CRM, litigation support, name and address processing – deduplication and merge.  Utitlity billing.  Real-time radar and telephone exchanges.

Expertise summary

PL/SQL 16+ years

SQL 24+ years

Oracle DBA V4 to V10 19 years

Database and application tuning and optimisation 19 years

Forms - 6 years +++

SQL*Loader – lots!

Perl 6 months

Design and build – 11 large systems, and many small ones

Direct marketing, CRM, Data warehouses & ETL – 16 years

Text retrieval - 1 year

Marketing Support – 20 years

Litigation Support – 3 years

AI – 4 years

Unix over whole career - Bourne, Korn

Ab Initio – 12 months

Toad – 3 months

SQL Navigator – 3 years

T-SQL – 3 years

SQL Server 3 years

Major Achievements

Invented, designed and created an AI driven Direct Marketing, CRM data warehouse product with fuzzy matching, query generation, deduplication, data loading, PAF file handling, multi-dimensional analysis, ETL, dynamic SQL generation, job-scheduling and queue management, grid components and many other features (95,000+ lines of PL/SQL, 72 forms and Perl components being the core) that have been proven to save two large customers (Eurotunnel and Informa Plc.) over £1m a year each managing their marketing data warehouses.  Supported both customers in defining new requirements and creating the solutions.  Full life cycle.  Acted as DBA for Informa for many years.

Took over an abandoned 1+ billion row call record database belonging to Inphomation for the receivers (Maryland First Financial).  Analysed what the data meant and then carried out analysis of the data to provide the proof of how MCI and ATT had underpaid this company which enabled Maryland First Financial to recover many millions from these companies for creditors.  Supported lawyers at each stage and produced all required analysis and reporting.  Analysed the defendant’s consultant team’s activities (Arthur Andersens) and produced refutation of their propositions.

Created the Eurotunnel database live and development environments operated as DBA and developed the first 3 applications with a small team to meet the first performance target for release of money.  Set up many more databases over 3 years and acted as senior DBA until handing over to permanent staff.  Then designed and developed 3 more applications including a very, very large text-retrieval database to provide litigation support and a configuration control system.  The developments were done with small teams where I designed and then developed the applications.  Finally the last 2 years were spent tuning all the applications developed in Eurotunnel over the previous 7 years.  A lot of code, but many systems turned into much more useful systems through the speed-ups achieved.




To and length




Jan -16


Eurotunnel.  Link with chosen supplier to provide a specification they can work to.  Do next level design of processes, schema, and continue as design authority.  Convert PL/SQL to t-SQL for many processes.  Continue detailed analysis of ET business.


Nov 15

June 16

8 months

NOW pensions.  Take over daily data loads.  Design and build processing and reporting suite for Late reporting – T-SQL.  Support users with analysis and reporting on database.



Jan 14

Oct – 15

9 months

Waiting for phase 1 at Eurotunnel to finish!  Carry out SQL Server experiments to ensure that design works.  Interview potential suppliers and carry out investigation of their proposals.  Produce documents to further define the proposed solution of (29).  Only part-time.  Writing books to fill in.


Sep 14

Dec 14

4 months

Produce a specification of a database system to replace SAP CRM within Eurotunnel.  Analyse the data and current processing.  Produce a data model to hold the data.  Carry out first phase design: define processes to collect data, clean it, disseminate it and report on it.  Produce interface to Qlikview.  Carry out detailed design of many processes to prove any assumptions made.  Provide documents and presentations for senior management.  Provide planning and estimates to enable suppliers to quote for the work.


Mar 14

Aug 14

6 months

Return to charity (26) part time.  Analyse data and report to retention staff.  Fix large data structure errors.


Oct 13

Feb 14

5 months

Return to Sodexho to provide Oracle expertise during transition to a different user interface.  Analyse data warehouse using SSIS and SSAS and fix non-performance, T-SQL procedures and new cubes. .NET, C# (small) PL/SQL 11g


Feb 13

Oct 13    8.5 months++

Analyse CRM database run under ThankQ in SQL database and report to director.  Advise on how to improve their data.  Convert my tools from PL/SQL to T-SQL to cleanse their data.  Advise on expansion and how to generate more income.  Carry out analysis of their data and set up automated analysis.  Fix SQL errors in generated reports.  Generate templates (standards) for their data entry to improve the quality of data going into the database.  Do the dedup and merge.  Carry out data loads and automate the procedures.


Sep 12

Jan 13

5 months

Build music website for entertainer.  Develop server for the site using Raspberry Pi!  Build multiple Oracle databases in a VMWARE environment running Linux.


Feb 12

Aug 12
6 months

CGG Veritas: build interface to move data from database pairs to remote ones with low bandwidth comms. On different continents, process the data at the remote site and return the results.  This was mostly PL/SQL triggers, a package and many package modifications.  Interfacing to systems with no documentation – forensic programming!10g, PL/SQL, Toad, SQL Developer


Aug 11

Jan 12

6 months

Building wine database and query system with web access using MySQL


June 10

July 11
14 months

External consultant at Ab Initio.  Short engagements linked to database interfaces in healthcare, banking and name and address processing.  Built parser and formatter for Informix SQL.  Converted interfaces to Teradata and SAP. Built PGP graphs.   Attended many courses and helped to deliver the basic course three times.


Dec 09

May 10

6 months

Engaged as design consultant by EDF to advise on overall Design of the RDB database system and structure, and how it interacts and interfaces with SAP CRM and BI systems.

Achieved: High Level design document and identified key architectural design issues and risks and associated solution options.  Designed near real-time interface with SAP.  Verified design with pilot.  PL/SQL 10g


April 09

Nov 09

6 months

Design and build image processing system used to find matches in a forensic database for C and C.  PL/SQL and Oracle forms. Supporting Javelin.  Continue with certification study. Java and PL/SQL


Oct 08

March 09

6 months

Bring C and C name and address processing up to the Javelin standard.  Carry out and win 3 competitive dedup competitions.  Implement the dedup and merge for two of those contracts.  Return to being a DBA and start conversion of name and address processing into SQLServer.  PL/SQL.


May 08

Sep 08

5 months

Studying for Oracle DBA certification, Java certification. Writing book.  Supporting Javelin and enhancing name and address processing.  PL/SQL, Java


Jun 06

April 08

23 months

Sodexho: System review and database tuning.  Project analysis.  Testing. PL/SQL.  Near real-time interface between internal system and Pivotal CRM in PL/SQL Design, design database, build, test.  Design build complex scheduling and reporting system to automate company production – full life-cycle Oracle V9.

Complete Oracle certified developer, start Java and Oracle DBA certification




Feb 06

May 06
4 months

Eurotunnel and Informa PLC: Product design, development and support, data loading for Informa PLC and Eurotunnel.  Oracle V8/V10, PL/SQL, Forms V6i, Perl, Java


Jan 06

Jan 06

1 month   

Informa PLC: Develop and deliver short course on Database Tuning to DBA’s and developers.  Oracle V9


Jan 02

Dec 05

48 months

Topnet: Designer, Developer, DBA, Perl, Forms 6, SQL, PL/SQL.  Direct Mail, ETL, Data warehouse, AI, SAP CRM interface, multi-dimensional analysis, Java, NT shell, Bourne shell, product support.  Oracle V8/V9/V10



Mar 01

Dec 02

10 months

Inphomation/Worldcom: PL/SQL, DBA, SQL, ETL, Unix.  Litigation support



Jan 01

Feb 01

2 months

Maracis/NHS: Camden Dataload, ETL, database tuning, PL/SQL, SQL


Feb 00

Dec 00

11 months

Inphomation/ATT: rescue database, analysis, process call data for litigation, development, Unix, PL/SQL, SQL, ETL.


Apr 99

Feb 00

11 months

Allders: Database monitoring and tuning DBA, PL/SQL, Unix, Y2K, disaster recovery.


Sep 98

Mar 99

7 months

Woolwich: Production DBA, tuning, set up for 24/7 running, produce diagnostic scripts, fault tree production, disaster recovery


Oct 97

Aug 98

11 months

Topnet :  Direct marketing, ETL, Forms 3, Javelin re-write in PL/SQL, DBA, SQL, VMS, product support.


Dec 96

Sep 97

10 months

Digicon: Oil exploration monitor DBA, Developer 2000, database tuning, Unix, state modelling, PL/SQL.


Jul 96

Nov 96

5 months

Maracis/NHS:  Mental health database, DBA, database tuning, data loading, SQL, Unix.


Jul 96

Sep 96

3 months

British Army at Rhinedalen: DBA course develop, deliver, hand over.


Mar 88

Jun 96

100 months

Eurotunnel:  Set up first databases, development and LIVE environment, design, develop, SQL, PL/SQL, c, SQL*Textretrieval, DCL, ticket systems, configuration management, litigation support, DBA, database tuning, DBA courses, VMS, team leader.


Mar 87

Feb 88

12 months

Maclarens:  Develop Direct Marketing System.  Forms 2.1, DCL, DBA, SQL, DCL, VMS, Pro* Cobol


May 86

Feb 87

10 months

Stock Exchange (Big Bang): – Billing system, OCI – Pro*Pascal, SQL, VMS






Up to

Apr 86

Multi-threaded, multi-processor design and development of real time systems controlling radar systems and telephone exchanges.  Running teams with design responsibility.

Research into parallel processing of large data sets for PhD and after.

Education and qualifications

BSc.   Hons. (1st class) Computer Studies
PhD.   Numerical algorithms for large data sets

Oracle 1Z0-001 - 100% - 5/3/07

Oracle 1Z0-147 -  97% - 20/9/07 and achieve Oracle Certified Associate

Oracle 1Z0-101 -  98% - 11/10/07

Oracle 1Z0-141 -  97% - 24/12/07 and achieve Oracle Certified Professional

Published papers and articles – Too boring to list and available on request.  Now added hyper-book on software development.  Also on www.rickcc.com

References - Available on request