The book

The journey is over.  Published on 02/11/14.

Buy a copy - I need the money.

Started as an idea about the turn of the century.  Writing in my mind for ages and then actual writing started some time in 2007.  The final chapter complete on 10/10/11 and then 3 years of editing and prevarication up to 2/11/14

I have left links to a couple of chapters that are several edits behind the final one.  If you read them then you will be hooked and have to buy the book (sic).

I could do this for the rest of my days it is so much fun.  I know I won’t for all the obvious reasons.  I think a few more will come out into publication.  Ian banks said a million words before you write anything that is any good so I only have 790,000 to go.

The chapter links are: